Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Updated on 12 May 2021

V6 & V6T card is using 5V power supply only,
Higher voltage input will burned the card.

Recommend 5V / ture1A PSU for the V6T  card,
5V / ture2A PSU for the V6 card,
Less current may cause the unstable working. 


V6T bundle with 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC input socket,
Blue coloris 2.1mm, Red color is 2.5mm DC socket.

Base on VIA USB chip
Window,Linux compatibility.
Low jitter TCXO with audio grade silver digital output transformer
Very smooth & analog like but in full audio performance
It is one of the best C/P ratio audiophile USB cards in the world. 

This card powered by a external +5V/1A min. from Molex 4pin socket.
And doesn't use any power supply from the PCIE slot.

 The heart of this card is customer made low jitter TCXO

This low jitter TCXO is similar to other very expensive large size low jitter XO module,
But integrated in a small compact size.

Hand made silver wire audio grade digital output transformer for TCXO,
This transformer is the top grade of transformer for audio 
It is much much better than any regular audio grade output transformer of the world.

$165USD including world wide shipment and a free low profile bracket,
Shipment is usingpost office registered air parcel,
UPS Express is uninclude.
You could replace the lowprofit bracket by yourself. 

I accept paypal only,
Please email me for a paypal invoice. 


V6 OCXO USB card with a removable OCXO module,
Bundle with an extra USB card with 30cm length connecting cables.
Could be installed as compact or separate USB card ,
Depending on your Chassis space.

2.1mm or 2.5mm DC jack for external LPSU is include. 

Recommend to insert on the first pcie x16 slot.

The last pcie x16 slot is second choice.
The height of compact card is 45mm.
So compact card will need install space of 3 x PCI slot,
Please ensure your server has enough space to install this card.

If  you don't have enough space for the compact card,
You could remove the OCXO module from the compact card,
Connect to the separate card to fit the space of your chassis 

OCXO module need much higher current than Low Jitter TCXO,
It need a true 5V/1.5A power supply. 
Recommend to use a 5V/2A min. power supply for the V6 card.

Higher supply voltage will burned V6 card ,
Burned by the high supply voltage is no warranty.

Offer one year warranty,
But burned by higher voltage is not including.
Due to the high costs of OCXO,
V6 USB CARD is no return,Please understand. 

$USD539 including free shipping world wide.