Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TF to SATA adapter, CF to SATA adapter

TF to SATA adapter
TF adapter sound close to the CF adapter and with performance close to the SSD.

Compatible with latest main board or earlier main board.

Recommend to use TF adapter as OS disk,
As CF adapter is not compatible 5th generation & after CPU,
TF adapter is the replacement of CF adpter.

Recommend to use 4 x 8G TF cards.
Offer OCXO version only,
OCXO need much more current than TCXO,
Requires single 5V/3A power supply for an OCXO TF adapter.

8 x 64G TF card as a 512G SSD is too slow for the music disk,
It is not recommend for the music disk. 

Loading speed is much slower to regular SSD,
Reading speed is compatible with 1080P video playing.

US$499 with one year warranty and free world shipping.

Please note : TF cards is not include!

Please email for the paypal invoice.

CF to SATA adapter

CF is much slower to SSD,
These CF to SATA adapter offer to who know the CF's performance only.
It is no return & no refund.
Offer one year warranty.

TCXO CF to SATA adapter ,
Standard SSD fixing holes could mount with SSD bracket.
Clock module is compatible with my SSD board.

OCXO CF to SATA adapter ,
Standard SSD fixing holes could mount with SSD bracket.
Clock module is compatible with my SSD board.

I accept paypal & T/T,
Please email for the paypal invoice.


  1. Much nice and clear sound improvement over all SSDs I've tested. Also depends a lot on the kind of CF-card, Industrial SLC-type and small size seems to be the best possible. However, there may be boot problems with some motherboard. Paul, can you give any explanation what this depends on? Thank you!

    1. CF adapter compatible with the PCH support the true IDE mode, In the other hand, PCH before H87,Z87 will work with CF adapter.

  2. I must admit that prior to coming across this site, I didn't know that CF is much slower to SSD. I have really learnt a lot from simply reading this post. Feel free to click on this link: Urgent Help with Thesis Lit Review Writing

  3. hi Paul Cfast compac flash card is sata 2 and 3 which one is best for os. m.2 ssd or sata cfast card like this .
    and did u try apacer Industrial ecc supported m.2 ssd .

    1. Cf compac flash card is sata 2,Please refer to the Jplay forum with CF adapter settle, All M2 SSD with ecc performance, Thanks!

    2. Hİ paul ı wrong ask my question.I understand we don't setup windows or OS, z170 chipset CF card with using your cf adapter.And Cfast new cf standart card sata2 ,3 and we use it z97 chipset or z170 ahcı sata mode and we setup cfast card windows 10? and the SD card is setup win 10 which one is best Sd card or Cfast card For setuping OS?

    3. Because CF card with simplex construction , This the why CF card with better sound quality, Cfast is similar to the SSD, That is no reason to use Cfast instead the SSD I think.

  4. Ok Paul thanks for info. Your Cf adapter use before z87 chipset and not use z97 or higer chipsset not support your cf adapter?

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