Thursday, September 4, 2014



This  adapter is a powerful regulator for battery or DC input.
At 5V output it could offer 3A output current,
It could powered 3 x SSD or SSD + USB CARD + DDC at  the same time.

60mm wide, 50mm high, 80mm deep,
Net weight 300 gram.

Full heavy aluminum chassis with protect,
Won't burn device and easy to use.

3PIN XLR inlet for DC input.
Pin 1 is GND, Pin 2 is input.

3PIN XLR inlet for DC output.
Pin 1 is GND,
Pin 3 for under 5V output,
Pin 2 for over 9V output. 

Offer 3.3V,5V,9V,12V,15V,24V fixing output.

$USD99 including free shipping world wide.

OUTPUT cable

TZ YUN top grade power cable price list:
Under 1M length is $USD38/per cable 
Over 1M to 2M length is $USD58/per cable

If you want to powered 3 x SSD,
The Price of cable is $USD38 x 3 under 1M length.
If you want to  powered SSD and USB card like photo above,
The Price of cable is $USD38 x 2 under 1M length.

 INPUT cable

TZ YUN power cable set:
$USD48 under 1M length,

You could any battery you like for this battery adapter

12V & 5V adapters with one 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid battery for DVD-ROM
You could use one 12V/12Ah Lead-Acid battery 12V & 5V adapters for DVD-ROM & HHD.
Min. battery output voltage is 12.5V.

Output cable with RED mark is for 5V adapter,
Output cable without mark is for 12V adapter,
SATA power connector is for DVD-ROM or HHD

I accept paypal and T/T,
Plaese email for the paypal invoice.



  1. What is the 12V output current capability with a 12V battery? Thanks!

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  5. can the input be plugged in and powered 24/7 while using the battery output ?

  6. This adapter offer max.3A output,
    The current is depending on the battery,
    Recommend to use 12Ah(min.) battery for the max.3A out put

  7. sorry I was not clear.

    I mean if I feed this adapter with say 12 volt lineair power supply and then use the 5 volt output to feed my ppa usb / ssd.

    Can i leave the 12 volt input always on ? or is is better to disconnect while using the output (when playing music)

    I ask because i want to build adapter (x2) in case and cant reach the input cable at that moment.

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