Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sabre DAC
This DAC is base on the ESS9018 DAC chip and has been highly modified.

Size: Wide 32cm, Deep 22cm, High 8cm

Input & Output:
Input 1 : Spdif ( RCA ) & AES/EBU (Only one input could be used in the same time)
Input 2 : Toslink
Input 3 : USB 

tput 1 : RCA
Output 2 : XLR ( true balance)

Twin R-Core power transformer with top audio grade power cables

PPA OCXO module inside.
Well balance to all frequency range,
Very powerful dynamic with natural & silk smooth sonic.
Flowing music just like the top grade Vinyl system. 
Especially with 192KHz Hi-Res playing.

Audio grade plus transformer direct coupled with Coaxial input.
The ground of coaxial input has been isolated by the plus transformer,
Ensure the min. grounding noise interference.

PPA tuning technology with selected audio grade capacitors.


Bundle with XMOS U8 DDC for the USB input

XMOS USB driver for Window

1. Volume control : Digital volume control from -120dB to 0dB
2. Dual R-Core power transformer,110V or 220V AC input
3. Full aluminum Chassis with vibration control system
4. PPA OCXO module inside
5. Silver pulse transformer for the Spdif & AES input
6. Separated power supply unit
7. Audio grade capacitor with PPA tuning technology

Offer one year warranty,
If warranty stick broken is not include.

I accept paypal & T/T,
Please email for the paypal invoice.


  1. Hi Paul,

    I hope al is well. What will be the price of this DAC? And is the Stream Player also for sale?

    1. Low Jiter version $USD999 plus shipping,
      OCXO version $USD1499 plus shipping.
      Stream Player $USD999 including shipping.

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  3. Can your Stream Player accept Roon Labs core os? Does it provide for ipad remote control?

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  8. can the volume be remote controlled ?

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