Friday, March 14, 2014

FC5 Audio / Visual server

This server is based on AsRock Q1900M main board with FC5 chassis

AsRock Q1900M with intel J1900 4xcores CPU on board,
Single chip design offer the very high C/P ratio.
With careful setup,
This server could beat over most of  the CD transport & Stream Player.

Please refer to this link for the main board detail:

Back Panel

Top Cover

External power transformer input jack,
This server need a 12V/8A to 12A power transformer as power source.
With the internal regulator,
This server will be powered by a full Linear PSU.

Internal View


Heat pipe offer the mechanical grounding to the main board,
With the vibration control,

12V pico with TZ YUN top grade power cables.
This is the top sound quality pico you could find.

Custom made PPA 2 x 4G Ram,
This ram with special seleted flash chip and fine tuning.
Sounds mellow & smooth. 

With PPA's fine tunning,
This server perform very wide frequency range with rich detail to all frequency range.
Musical,Smooth.Analog like at the same time.  

Basic server include:
1.  Main board with TCXO clock upgrade.
2. 64G TCXO OS SSD with TZ YUN Red II sata cable.
3. 2 x 4G PPA custom made ram.
4. 12V pico with TZ YUN top grade power cables.
5. PPA 12V / 5V regulator module.  
6.FC5 chassis (black or silver)

Basic server is $USD1499 including free shipping world wide,
( No soft ware include. )

 Option 1:

256G TCXO Music SSD  with 20cm Red II sata cable $USD400,
Note:Sale with  Q1900M server only

Plaese load music files from your USB HHD,USB STICK,NAS to this Music SSD,

Even your using Jplay,HQ player......
Music files should play from this SSD for the best sound quality.

 Option 2:

V2 USB card with Riser $USD120,
Note:Sale with  Q1900M server only

Option 3:

Option 3:
Power Transfomer (110V or 220V) $USD100.
Note:Sale with  Q1900M server only



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