Friday, March 14, 2014

FC10 Audio / Visual server

FC10 server 

Kabylake Server
Kabylake Server with FC10 chassis

Kabylake 2.4G ES CPU,
Equal to i7 7700T 35W TPD CPU.
i7 7700K is available for over clocking user.
However over clocking may cause unstable,
Recommend  Kabylake 2.4G ES CPU for general user.

4pin XLR socket for the power transformer unit input

Twin 2 rails regulator modules for the CPU,pico,USB card & OCXO OS SSD.



Separate regulator for the OCXO MUSIC SSD

V4 OCXO USB card for the output,
Please use V4 card for audio output only.
Other USB device please connect to the main board USB ports.

PPA selected 2 x 4G DDR4 2400

Extension bracket for external BD ROM,HHD,SSD,CF adapter.....
12V/5V Linear PSU include

Separate 12V/5V regulator for the external device

80cm power cable,60cm + 80cm SATA cables include.

Power transformer unit
Dimension: 240 x 250 x 100mm (W x D x H),
110V or 220V input 

2 x 180W (VA) power transformer

 4pin XLR socket for the transformers output

Standard Connecting cable length :1.5M

Please remove the grounding if your audio system met hum.

Recommend to use Win10,
AO & Findlizer is no needed.

Recommend foobar2000 player with ASIO output 

Remote control

$USD3990 including EMS express mail shipping

Please email for more detail:


  1. Do these prices contain any redeemable value added taxes? In Hungary computer equipment is not cheap as VAT is 27% plus 3% customs fees, but individual items cost 10-30% less (with VAT incl.) than your quoted prices (even if I deduct costs for modifications) and if I order a whole system from you I'd have to pay an additional 30% for customs and VAT when it enters the country, making it incredibly expensive.

  2. Will these setting also work a ga-h97m-d3h. this is the new version of the 87m

  3. H97M's bios setup is a little different with H87M,
    Will post the detail after a few days.

  4. thank You! I'm ready to build by this example. Already got your usb card and thinking of buying the ssd and ram. Will you also be doing the clock upgrade for h97 mobo ?

  5. Hi,
    H87M is out stock,
    I offer H97M this moment.
    I have add some new photos for your information.

  6. Thanks again. Looking for the photos now.

    Is there a difference in CPU settings ? I want to use 4770T. same settings as 4790T ?

    you're doing great work!

  7. The working voltage is different between 4770 & 4790,
    You should try the lower working voltage as possible.

  8. can you tell which voltage to use on 4770T cpu ? is this higher than 4790T ? ik can still choose but 4790 is hard to get.


  9. Whole other thing. Looking at these settings I take it they are done to lower the heat production. But it also seems you give up much computing power. Will this very low clocked i7 still be a powerfull cpu ? Since i will also run Dirac I need some power for that.
    And why use an i7 and clock it this low, would an i5 or i3 not do the same job ?

    Thx a lot!

    1. I7 is better than i3,i5 both performance and sound quality,
      The lower voltage is nothing to do with the heat.
      i7 on 800MHz is powerful for audio & BD movie without any problem,
      If you are using jplay,
      You should use 1600MHz min.,
      Otherwise the server will run slow.

  10. Paul, I've heard Mobo's with Sata2 connections offer a better sound quality than Sata 3, but H97M only has Sata3. Wouldn't it be a problem?

  11. Hi I am interested in the cost of this music server (preferably in FC5 chassis).

  12. The Haswell platform was where Intel introduced FIVR or the fully integrated voltage regulator unit

  13. Replies
    1. FC10 basic server is $USD3651 ,Thanks!

  14. Can i order cllock with another main board?
    Gigabyte Z97 for example.
    I like its sound so much so i feel scared to change to. Msi or Asus which i don't get use to.
    I afraid that the sound will not be the same which is what i like...

  15. Hello Paul, Thank you for your work ! Is it possible to upgrade the 256 Go Music SSD by 3 To in order to store the music locally ? Thanks in advance.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Great ! believe that you have the best solution for a music server. Are you agree to say like Lukasz Fikus from Lampizator that Windows sound less cold and steril than Linux ? Did you tried, as all the music server on the market are based on Linux solution ? Thanks in advance.

    3. I am focusing a whole function server,
      And this server is much better than any server on the market.
      I don't see that are any reasons we have to use the Linux instead the Window.

  16. Replies
    1. 1T TCXO SSD $499 ,
      1T OCXO SSD is $799,

  17. Hi Paul Pang, the FC10 audio server you sent me that arrived before Christmas is now sounding fantastic. As set up in a dual PC configuration, and with the USB v4 card, I hear fuller body, taller and wider image, more effortless delivery of musical message, lack of glare, deeper fuller bass. Thanks for your prompt support upon my numerous email inquiries.

  18. Hi, I sent emails to you several times, but no reply yet. So I am writing this message. I paid the FC10 server fee late November via PayPal, and the promise was delivery by the end of December. In January I sent several inquiry mails to you, but no answer yet. Are you OK? Please let me know the current status of your production schedule to mail mail address. Regards, Hiroshi

  19. Hi, Hiroshi.
    Me too. I've purchased his MB CPU SSD All with OCXO clocks also his RAM since 18dec15 after that he never answer me anything again. No further information, No deliver status, No tracking number... Nothing..
    I really upset with that... until last couple of days i mail to cancel and need refund then he mail back that HIS TECHNICIAN MISS MY ORDER!!
    My hands are shaking with angry. Why he works not like a pro business man.
    He sholuld has someone to handle the busy things instead, at least someone that check and reply all customer e mail.

    Finally i mail him to keep going on my purchasef stuffs.

    He inform me it will be shiped on 21jan.
    Hope everything's done as his promise.

  20. Hi naisony diver,
    I will report what was going on till now in my side. I received an email from PPA next morning from my message above, and the shipping of the transformer and the server next week was promised. Shipping of the transformer was on the promised schedule, but the server shipping was delayed and it was shipped Feb. 4th at last. I received it today - Feb. 9th. At first the PC did not power on. I opened the box, and found that a connection at DC-ATX power supply was loose. After fixing the loose connection, it started safely.
    I recently sent several emails to PPA, but no reply. I am afraid that the recent earthquake at the south Taiwan has some bad influence.


  21. Hi, Hiroshi
    My upgrade kits already arrived last week.
    It takes times for a while to build them up together.

    It sounds awesome (after ran in for only a week)
    Its sound image is soooo huge.
    Sound stage is open wide and in depth.
    Quiet and clear.
    Very musical.
    This is an analog source which possesses in a digital machine!

    I think this is the best sound computer which ever produced in this world!

    Now i forget everything i was upset but feel happy instead.

    It's a real hi-end sound which can beat the others in the same price range or more.

    Thanks Paul for building such a incredible pc for me...

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