Friday, January 3, 2014




This regulator module has been designed for the High End Grade Music Sever.

A 10mm Aluminum alloy Heat sink & Vibration control base.
Compatible with Aluminum Chassis and Streacom FC5,FC9,FC10 chassis.

Please use 2 x M3 screws to fix the module on the side of the chassis for heat sink.

Screw hole Compatible with Streacom Chassis


Please use 2 x M3 screws to fix the module on the bottom of the chassis for vibration control.

2 pin 3.96mm socket for the AC input

Single rail offer 3.3V to 28V with 12A(max.) output,
Dual rails offer 3.3V to 28V x2 with 6A each(max.) output.
The regulator modules voltage output could be specified from 3.3V to 28V,
But can't adjust by user.


Ultra High Current circuit loop design

Including free shipping world wide.

Hammond makes good quality transformers.
You could choose
Hammond for my Regulator Module,
And I offer my power transformer also.

150VA(150W) power transformer,
Prime:AC110-0,110-0(serial for 220V,parallel for 110V)
Second: AC 12-0 / 12A

$USD149 including shipping.

I accept T/T and paypal,
Please email me for quote.

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