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Before you place an order, please read this first.

All my sata cables are undirectional when brand new,
You could choose any direction you like,
But please don't change the direction after you have burn -in the cable.
The arrow or name connector is for the direction
identify .

The SATA cable is the most important piece in the optimisation of a computer audio transport (CAT).
The SATA cable of the OS disk connects to all the hardware and software.
I recommend that you replace the OS. disk SATA cable as the first step to optimise your music server.
Please refer to my SATA cable user's feedback. 

I received this cable a few days ago. 
I couldn't believe the improvement in boot time! Wow! 
Still assessing the audio improvement but the noise floor is lowered significantly. 
How long does it take for the cable to break in? 
I viewed a couple of blogs that had input on your cable that seemed to discount the possibility a sata cable could affect errors/sound quality and your comment that it improves sound by lowering the error rate. 
I think your point of lowering error rate is proved beyond doubt by the dramatically improved boot times.  
The sound improvement seemed to make sense to me as latency would be changing if the PC was error correcting. 

I just installed your cables and USB cable and I can tell you that out of the box they have made a huge improvement. 
I can only imagine how much better it will sound as the cables and card break in. 
Just out of curiosity, 
how does the sonic signature of the card and cables change over the next two hundred hours?

Hi Paul
Cables and USB card have arrived.  
Having trouble with the card (see below) but just the cables have made a very noticeable improvement in SQ.  
Brightness has gone, smoother and more musical.  
Attack better again, more decay, 
better definition depth and transparency.  
Together with dedicated OS SSD and battery this is sounding great!!
I guess this will only improve over time as cables burn in.  Would SATA cable for data SSD also make a big difference?
I’m having trouble with the card.  
Which driver should I be using?  
I’ve installed the uPD720202 driver because of something I saw on your blog, 
and then downloaded the updated version.  
But still getting error message.
Highend Audiopc will offer suggestion with my product,
Feel free to contact audiophil if you have any question .

I accept paypal only,
Please email me for a paypal invoice.

Will offer 70 degree connector type 

 70 degree connector is compatible with low profile chassis

Connector size

Please let me know which type you need,
Up type or Down type.

All my SATA cables are anti twist,
You could bend the body of sata cable for easier install,
And the SATA cable won't be demage.

 Please bend the cable to avoid the damadge of the SATA connector.

 You could bend the cable up to 180 degree!

Please keep the connector straight to avoid the bad contact.  

RED SATA SLIM (discontinue)


Min. length is 20cm and 1M for max. length.
High C/P ratio audio grade SATA cable.
Support up to SATA3 & Win10

20cm up to 30cm $USD99,
40cm up to 60cm $USD125
70cm up to 100cm $USD149


Red III SATA is the same grade to Black SATA but without aluminum connector.
It is more easy to fit with FC5 chassis.

Min. length is 20cm and 1M for max. length.
High C/P ratio audio grade SATA cable.
Support up to SATA3 & Win10

20cm up to 30cm $USD199,
40cm up to 60cm $USD249
70cm up to 100cm $USD299

SARAH SATA(discontinue)

"Down type" connector

"Up type" connector

Black SATA is the flagship of TZ YUN series.

Solid Aluminum connector was made by machine center,
Bring you the new experience with SATA cable.
Black support up to SATA 3.

Offer 90 degree aluminum connector

"down type"  connector

Angle SATA cable is no return,
Please confirm the up,down type of your need before order.

User's feedback
I had my dealer change the cable for me. After the audition, 
we think that your cable is amazing. 
My dealer told me to order another cable for him. Hence,
 I would like to order one more Black Sata cable.

I also have another question. I use Certon Integrita NAS as my music storage. 
Tha NAS has five 2TB-harddisks in the unit, so there are at least 5 sata cable in it. 
What should be the effect of your cable in this unit? 
Will it be as good as the one in MAN 301? 
And what is you recommendation in this case? 
20CM $USD299
30CM $USD399
40CM $USD499
60CM $USD599
80CM $USD699
Free shipping world wide


  1. 我是MYAV來的...duddy
    寄給您的綠標sata線..其中一端要換down type的L型接頭

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  3. Thanks for the tips, I think that your perspective is deep, its just well thought out and really fantastic to see someone who knows how to put these thoughts down so well.

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  5. 能不能比較一下黑和紅/藍的聲音有甚麼不同?是不是全面的提昇?如果要一條40cm的價格多少?是不是用在OS/放音樂的硬盤/抓軌光驅效果都同樣理想?

    1. 黑線是訂製線,

    2. 如果我想要一條不帶自己音色(用了也不會改變系統的聲音走向,只是少了原本SATA線帶來的失真)的線,可以做到嗎?會不會很貴?

  6. 黑線是訂製線,

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